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New website, new year, new month, new blog

Welcome peeps!

Okay, so it's 2 February already and we're going into the 5th week of our New Year. There is still time for me to wish you a fabulously happy, healthy, successful, joyous and loving 2014. I hope your dreams come true and that this will be the most glorious year yet for you and yours.

Paul and I are in the midst of finishing off our new album. We're about half way through but we've still a ways to go. One very important thing I've learnt at the beginning of this project is that albums cannot be rushed. They're done when they're done ... and anyway, why would you want to rush it? What's the hurry? I've never made an album before so this is all new to me. Sure, I've sung on other people's album but when it comes to doing your own, that's a whole different animal altogether.

As a 5 year old little girl dreaming of becoming a singer one day, this is a dream coming true. This is REAL and I want to take as much time as it takes to bring the music that I'm making with Paul to the fore. This is the most exciting time of my life. I can guarantee that when the album is finished, it will have been worth waiting for. This is our labour of love from us to you.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Will check in again very soon. HOLA if you want to. This is your blog too.

BTW ... this afternoon I recorded a wicked vocal for one of the tracks for the album. We cried because it moved us so much. Blindingly gorgeous. I'm very proud. Paul is an awesome producer and I'm learning tons from him. What a great journey :)


Zeeteah x

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