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Hi folks! I just can’t keep it in any longer... I've got to tell you about the brand-new sound that I'm bringing for 2020.

Some of you already know how much I love reggae music, and for a while now I’ve been adding a likkle bit of reggae and ska to the menu at my gigs. Now I’ve decided it’s time to do ‘the reggae ting’ properly. So, for your grooving pleasure, I’ve put together an amazing new team of musicians, and together we’re going to bring you our unique version of Reggae Fusion. You’re going to hear reggae, ska, dancehall and reggaetón grooves spiced up with flavours of soul, blues and jazz. We’ll be putting a wicked spin on my original material, as well as adding a whole new dimension to some classic songs. I hope you’re going to like it.

Some of you folks might know that I was born in Barbados, where the air is full of calypso music. But funnily enough, my parents hardly ever played any calypso at home in London. What they did play was a lot of reggae. Reggae music has been in my blood as long as I can remember, so maybe it’s no surprise that I’ve finally decided to come home, as it were, to my roots. 

The first song I recorded was a reggae cover of The Jackson Five’s “We Got A Good Thing Going”, back in 1973 when I was 17 years old. I later went on to record more reggae versions of songs like Tina Turner's "A Love Like Yours" and a Diana Ross reggae version of "I'm Still Waiting".

After many years of singing in a wide range of styles, I’ve realised that reggae is the music that moves me most and makes me happiest. My feeling is that reggae music goes deep into your soul, spins you around and hypnotizes you in a way that no other music can do.

In the summer I went to see the mighty David Rodigan at the Royal Albert Hall, and the atmosphere in the place was electrifying. I'd never experienced anything like that before and I think it was at that moment, that I knew, I had to go back to reggae music and make it mine. I recently heard David say that 'reggae music is like a fever and there's no antidote'. I totally get that and of course, he's right.

I hope you’ll come and see us performing our new groove in the New Year. Check the gig page on my website for the new shows. 

And remember to bring your dancing shoes :-)

Lovings xxx 



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