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If you’ve lived 60 years in this world you’re going to know a thing or two about life and how you feel about things happening around you. In the past few weeks I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been feeling so low. I am a relatively happy and positive person. Anyone who knows me knows this. My nature is such that I tend to home in on the good stuff and keep the bad stuff out as much as possible because it doesn’t belong in my world. I don’t need to bring it into my space and let it poison me, and my love ones. Okay sometimes it’ll try to seep in but I do a very good job of keeping the crap out.

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful to be here and to be alive. So many of my friends didn’t make it this far. I don’t take anything for granted because I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. As I’ve said many times before, live today as if it were your last and let tomorrow take care of itself.

I’ve been asking myself: why do I feel so glum when I should be feeling on top of the world? I’ve got a great life. I woke up this morning and the only thing I could think of that was contributing to this unhappy feeling was the result of the referendum in the UK and more significantly the election in the US.

I had no idea how profoundly this outcome would affect me. It’s just the beginning and there’s so much more to come, and I fear it’s not going to be good. I don’t want to feel this gloom and I know I must shake it off. But how do I do this when my whole being is entangled in some way and I can’t seem to break lose?

I look through my FB pages and see people commentating on the daily runnings and I wonder if there’s anything that we can do. One thing that springs to mind is, perhaps we should stop talking about the negative BS completely and talk about positive, uplifting things. Surely we’d feel much better all round. Of course I know life isn’t just about the ups. It’s also about downs and those horrendous bits in between that try to divide people and countries that I really don’t like. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing!!!

I came to London in 1961 with my mother Corleta and sister Wendy to join our father George, and I remember us going through some very difficult times over the years. However, we came through it all and survived but I'm weary of this place where I’m standing right now. I pray that London, the place where I live now will remain relatively cool and not become a place of hatred, sadness and destruction. I guess we will see.


Zeeteah xxx

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