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When I wake up in the morning I smile. Mostly. I do have my off days like everybody else but generally I’m doing great. It wasn’t always like that. However, I seem to have matured into someone I like.

Every day is a prize and every day that my eyes are open, and I can breathe, is the most important day of my life. It’s how I choose to live that day that counts. Things haven’t always been rosy in my life but I strived to change that. Still working on some improvements and no doubt I always will be. It’s enlightening and a lot fun getting to know who I am.

When I write these blogs I have no idea what I’m going to say. I just let it come and see what happens. It’s for fun mostly. I don’t even know if anyone actually reads these because I haven’t had much feedback. I like putting these ‘blogs’ out there and when I read them back I don’t feel like I’ve written a loud of rubbish. Great having that freedom to write about anything you want to.

I choose to write about happy things generally because that’s me. I’m a happy person. Of course life goes in swings and roundabouts.

As my Grandmother Rosalind used to say, sometimes you up sometimes you down. Granny knew what it was all about. She was nearly one hundred years old. You don’t live that long and not get to know. She died peacefully in her sleep age 101 (2000).

I don’t take it for granted that I will live to such an amazing age. But I strive to do all I can to preserve this fabulous life that’s been bestowed on me.


Zeeteah xxx

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