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It's the only way!

By now you probably know that we had another FULL HOUSE at The Pheasantry on Friday 6 February. It’s wonderful to start the year with yet another sell out show. I can’t believe we did it last year and the year before that. Massive thanks to all who came and helped to make it a spectacular evening.

Thanks to my brilliant band, newly named The Disciples… Rick Laughlin (keys/md), Sophie Alloway (drums), Matt Holland (trumpet/flugelhorn), Rob Hughes (tenor/flute) and joining us for the first time (you'd never have known it) was Gavin Scott on double and electric bass. He's an ace player. Stepping in at the last minute was Vincenzo, our sound engineer who did a great job.

The groove was kicking and everyone who was there felt it. By the time the second set was in full swing the peeps couldn’t help it. They had to get up and get on their good foot! They felt good and wanted to show it. Too right! I'm thrilled that Carol and Steve Caplin made it. Steve! I hope you enjoyed hearing the song you wrote for me again, "Hell Of A Way To Go". It's definitely a stayer!

Thanks to Greg, the restaurant manager at the Pheasantry, and his awesome staff. You guys are WICKED. You take such good care of everyone. I love you! It was great to see friends and to meet some brand new ones. As you can tell, I am STILL BUZZING three weeks after the event. That’s what music does to me. It makes me breathe and I LOVE THAT.

In the audience was the ultra fabulous Lara Livingstone who wrote the most amazing review about the show. Check it out here. Can you come to all of my gigs PLEASE?

Two weeks before the show I decided to go on one of Jason Vale’s juice detox regimes. 5Ibs in 5 days, Not that I wanted to lose any weight necessarily. It just seemed like the right time to get my body in shape before the gig, and to set myself up for the coming months. I've set a goal for myself to try and work out at least three times a week. So far I'm managing but if I don't and I only manage working out once a week, it's really not a big deal. I don't punish myself. I let my body do the talking. It's always right. I have lots of great things happening this year AND of course, I AM GETTING MARRIED!!! WOOHOO!!! What better reason could I need?

My baby volunteered to do the detox with me. We started the regime on a Monday and Paul went to work and straight into a meeting that morning. Food was sprawled out all over the table. That was a great test to his wilpower. We savoured juices, soups, teas and loads of water for 5 solid days. We made it through and I am still riding on the crest of a wave.

I was amazed at how clear my mind became when all of the toxins started to leave my body. In only three days I could feel the changes. I love feeling this good and three weeks later I’m still feeling good. I decided to leave out certain foods and drinks that I’d been indulging in before the detox. I really didn’t need those and still don't. Loved how my skin felt after those five days. I didn’t think it could be any softer than it already was but hey ho – it does and it is! Paul can vouch for that :). It’s truly amazing. It’s like discovering yourself all over again. "Hello, I remember you. Welcome back". Go on, try the juice thang. It'll do you the world of good.

Enjoy your days.


Zeeteah xxx


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