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Farewell 2014! Many wonderful things happened last year, and I'm so grateful for them. After 47 years, I met up with two school friends, Linda Howman and Bridget Gain. Good old Heber Road Primary School in East Dulwich. I found my long lost friend Miriam Morris after 17 years, in a field at the Love Supreme Festival in July. I also got reacquainted with relatives I haven’t seen in a very long time, and discovered some I hadn’t even met.

Paul and I released our first album together. Juice made a splash in August via various music outlets such as CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud and Spotify. Whatever This Is was the first single released from the new album, and we made a fun video for it.

I am thankful to these DJs for putting Juice on the map. Liz Booth - East Coast FM; Mike George - Wythenshawe FM; Nick Davis - BishopFM; Tom C - Croydon Radio; Matty C -Mersey Radio; Tina Edwards - Hoxton Radio; and Karen Gabay - BBC Radio Manchester. Thanks to Luke Blackall for my LondonLive spot. Super thrilled to have been introduced by Tom Robinson, in the BBC Introducing Mixtape. We're currently making plans for a forthcoming tour of the UK and will keep you posted.

Paul and I announced today that we are going to get married. What better way could there be to start the new year. I hope it's a wonderful year for us all.

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Zeeteah xxx

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