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Juice is now being served ...

Paul and I finally put our baby out into the world after a year of careful preparation, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Massive thanks to the following peole who helped us to make Juice possible:

I’m always amazed at how timing works in my life. We went into the studio with Mazen to master the album, the day before leaving for Edinburgh (9/8). Hit the button and got the ball rolling on Monday 11th August, exactly a year to the day that we first went into the studio to start recording with the band. That’s a pretty cool anniversary present to ourselves me thinks.

Now we’re back home, the next round of Juice begins. I am very excited about spreading my wings. Not only playing to new venues in London but also to venues up and down the country. Excited to be meeting new fans and having a great time with Juice.


Zeeteah xxx


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