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Blink and there goes August. Hello September!

Now where was I? Oh yes… I had this amazing gig last month and I AM STILL FLOATING. It was fabulous to see so many people at the show. My dear friend Miriam made a surprise appearance along with her fiancé Carl. After 17 years, we’re not going to lose one another again. My two Powervibe gals, Abbi and Ronnie moved heaven and earth to get in. Nuff respect!!!

Our summer holiday at the Edinburgh Festival was awesome. It was my first time at the festival. We had planned to make the trip last year but decided that we had to make the album and forego our summer break. Definitely the best decision we made, and now we have Juice.

We saw many different variations of all sorts of fabulous things and some not so good. We met lovely people during the time we were there and dined at some delish restaurants. I would totally recommend these if you haven’t already had the pleasure: The Witchery, Castle Terrace, The Honours, Wedgwood, Zucca and The Olive Tree Bistro.

Happy days!


Zeeteah xxx


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