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We had a blinding Saturday night at the Bulls Head. It was great to see so many lovely people in the audience. Unexpected family and friends showed up to give their support. Thanks guys!

It was our first Saturday night gig in London town, the band’s 2nd birthday and our 21st show! Paul and I put the band together in early 2012. We had our first rehearsal two months later on Monday 7 May . We can’t believe that the time has gone by so quickly. The journey so far has been truly amazing. There is much much more to come.

We had a new crew on board for Saturday’s gig as Rick Laughlin and Matt Holland weren’t able to do the show. However, Sid Gauld and Matt Regan proved more than capable of taking on the reins. Nice one chaps. Great job!

We will have our full compliment back on the next Pheasantry gig coming up on Thursday June 26th... just around the corner.

What happened to the sun? Seemed like it stuck its head out for 5 minutes and decided to go back in and stay there. Too many cloudy skies and not enough sun will not make for a good summer. It will only leave unhappy sad people without their required amounts of Vitamin D, me included. We all know that the weather is a major talking point here in London but what can we expect? Let’s try to be positive and believe that we will have a fantastic summer. It’s very early June, anything can happen. Remember the heat way in 1976 that went on until October? Something like that would work for me.

Welcome to Aideeno, my first subscriber!! Please feel free to share your stories Aideeno. I am looking forward to our chit chatting blog stylie with you, very soon.

Lovings xxx

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