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London town is finally hotting up! With yet another Bank Holiday just around the corner, it looks like summer is on its way and we are so ready for it!!

On the album front, Paul and I are still hard at work. Adding some fine touches to the last remaining tracks and then it’s mastering time. The nearer we get to the finish the more exciting it becomes. It’s a little scary too. It feels like we’ve been holding a brand new baby in our hands for 9 months (so far), and then we're seeing it develop into something truly amazing. We put it out into the big wide world and watch it grow. It’s a trip.

Two year ago this month we had our first rehearsal, and now we’re celebrating the band’s 2nd birthday. Two years on, having my own band and singing original songs written for me by Paul is a dream come true. Feels really great. What’s also wonderful is that after 17 years, I’ll be meeting up with one of my dear cousins. Ruth is over from Palm Bay in Florida. Can't wait. Lots of lick mowt going on tomorrow night. "Lick mowt" is Bajan slang for talking a lot.

On the 31st will be here.

See you soon. Have a gorgeous weekend.


Zeeteah xxx

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