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“This above all … to thine own self be true” – Williams Shakespeare

April is a crayzee month for birthdays! My mum, Corleta was 77 on the 9th, my sister Wendy's birthday was yesterday and my daughter Liana will be 37 years old in a few days. I wonder, where did the time go? Gosh! To look at her you would never know that she was that age but then, age is nothing but a number. I guess we are quite lucky because we have been blessed with those mighty genes. My grandmother on my father’s side, Rosalind Massiah, was 101 when she died in 2000. So can I expect to be here for another 60 years. That would be quite mad wouldn't it? I think I"ll just take each day as it comes and enjoy what that day brings.

How was the Dean Street gig I hear you ask? Well, it was another huge success of course peeps. Completely sold out, again! It was great to be back on stage with the guys. I hope to be joining them again sometime later in the year. I will keep y'all posted.

Last week with my band, we celebrated our 20th gig since July 2012, the 10th at The Pheasantry. I can’t believe we’re almost 2 years old already. Ironically enough the guys who played on the new album JUICE, were all on this gig. Arnulf (my bass man) was off on a well deserved rest after his mega busy schedule. The most fabulous Steve Pearce was in the hot seat. At the realm was Rick Laughlin (piano), my girl Sophie Alloway (drums), Matt Holland (trumpet/flugelhorn) who was also on “additional vocals” for the first time, awesome! Simon Bates (tenor/flute) mashed up some ad vox too. Nice one guys!

And then we had Easter. Don’t you just love those LONG LAZY WEEKENDS when you can JUST BE! It’s so easy to forgot that we need to stop and take a long deep breath before carrying on oherwise we'll just run out of steam.

I'm already excited about the next gig which will be at the Bulls Head in Barnes. All details are on the gigs list of Live Dates. Enjoy the last few days of April. See you soon.


Zeeteah xxx

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