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You know when it’s that time of the year when the birds start singing their sweet melody; the trees are in full bloom and the days are getting brighter. Now all we need is the sun. My arms are wide open and waiting for you …

I’m very, very excited and still floating after this morning’s rehearsal with Paul Birch and the Denmark Street Big Band. Paul asked me to join him and the band once again, to perform a few songs at the Jazz Club Soho (Pizza Express). Who wouldn’t be excited to be singing with a proper Big Band at such a great venue!

When I was working as a DJ/Singer in Finland back in 1987, I had a CD of Ella singing the Harold Arlen Songbook Vol. 1 (1961). I played it every single day. By the end of my three-month contract in Turku (on the South West Coast of Finland) I knew all the words to those 13 songs. Accentuate The Positive was my absolute favourite. I was lonely and a long way from home, but that one song got me through the days with its uplifting energy, melody and lyrics. In three days’ time I will finally get the chance to live my dream of performing this great song live with a great big phat big band. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that dreams don’t come true.

While I’m preparing myself for this exciting event, Paul and I are still working on the new album. We’re going to call it JUICE! You read it here first.

I have also been busy working on the set list for my upcoming gig with the band on 16 April. I will of course be singing the new songs from JUICE, as well as some of my favourite gems. And there will be one surprise addition! I can’t wait to get back on stage with the band.

Have a lovely weekend. I know I will xxx

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