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Hello March!

Oops! The days are running away again. Here we are already into the third month of the New Year. I hope your February was everything it was meant to be and more.

Well, on Sunday I successfully concluded day 4 of my cleanse and am feeling pretty good. I was out with some friends last night and we were talking about the juice revolution that we all seem to be a part of. It's so exciting!! I mentioned the fact that I had lost weight while juicing these past 3 weeks then blurted out that I was "juicing to reduce"! Although that was not initially the aim, I am thrilled that this is indeed the case. Followed up the cleanse with an extremely productive colonic today. Seemed to be the right thing to do after cleansing. Now I'm feeling HOT TO TROT. I will be introducing only "safe foods" back into my body and continuing with the juicing. And of course, making regular visits to Gym.

My daughter Liana is well into the juicing too which is brilliant because we can share juicing recipes ideas and so much more. Fortunately for us, our boyz love the juices too.

Liana is a class chef and you can check her out here...

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