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Juicing for life

​Hello lovlies! I can't believe 6 days have already gone by since my last blog.

I recently spent a couple of days with one of my dearest friends. She fed me the most delicious juices made fresh from the juicer. I had forgotten just how delicious fresh juices taste. We watched a video by Joe Cross called "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead". This has inspired me to take up juicing again. I am not fat, sick or nearly dead, but after two days of drinking juice I feel great. I want to feel AMAZING so I'm back on the juice..

I won't be juicing for the 60 days that Joe did but I will be juicing on a regular basis and keeping up my date with the gym, three times a week. The energy and clarity that juicing gives me is tremendous.

You can watch Joe's movie here.

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