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Awesome Pheasantry Night

I'm a very happy bunny today (Paul too!). Last night's gig was a huge success. What a great start to the new year with a sell out show. Thanks to all of you who came and made it a great night. Mum Corleta, I love you. My dear cousin Mike who came with the 'Massiah posse' to celebrate his birthday with us. I couldn't have done it without my wicked band ... Rick Laughlin, Sophie Alloway, Matt Holland, Simon Bates and for the first time joining the team Rob Levy. Thanks guys! The four month break was much too long. Look forward to seeing you all again in April for the next Pheasantry gig. Massive thanks also goes out to Alex (sound) and to Greg and the lovely staff at the Pheasantry.

I am sorry for those of you who weren't able to get in to see the show last night. We tried to squeeze in as many people as we were allowed. I hope you went on to have a pleasant evening in any case. I hope you'll try to make it to one of the other gigs coming up soon. All upcoming gigs are advertised on my "Gigs" page.

Enjoy the weekend. Ciao

Love, Zeeteah x

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